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Muro Pastel was born in a family where wallpaper was already a superstar. We just shifted the direction and created new high-quality designs, painted, drawn, and graphic compositions to satisfy our designers’ and customers’ needs.

We print our creations on premium quality materials. One huge roll is widespread on the wall and looks excellent. If you choose vinyl, you must know it lasts 15 years on the wall and looks flawless because you have it in ONE PIECE.

On the other hand, we offer the perfect fabric for bathrooms – high-end FIBER-GLASS.


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Muro Pastel Wallpapers

Muro Pastel is a luxury wallpaper brand featuring unique designs and printing methods. We are specialised in manufacturing high quality wallpapers for interior decorations. If wall could pick their garment, it would be our single-piece wallpaper.

Imagine a roll as large as your wall obscuring all imperfections and fully transforming the room. Our wallpapers are designed to hug the wall the way tailored clothing does, creating a look that fully harmonises with your personality.

A wallpaper decoration can be used in home interior design and our collection of high quality products are suitable for bedroom interior design, living room design or other areas in your home or office. The special texture of the material compliments the details and designs, hand-painted by our artists.

We gathered a group of talented people in love with their creations. Each of our artists creates images underpinned by careful consideration, thoughtfulness and creative drive. Even if it has always been part of people’s homes or offices, the wallpaper decoration has undergone many challenges along the years. Now, however, we can say with certainty that the wallpaper is experiencing a revival in interior decorations.

We sell our wallpapers online and we ship in all the major EU countries. Our customer support is built on trust and integrity and our team is always at your disposal if you need assistance or advice. Get in touch with us and we will make sure that our conversation will help guide in taking the right decision.

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