About Us

Our story started in Romania, in the year of the pandemic. The local nursery wallpaper market was driven by cliches: Disney characters, monotonous, dull wallpapers, strident colouring.

We quickly realized that we need to think beyond the point where decorating the nursery is a thoughtless chore. We thus created MIAKI – offering a unique selection of Nordic-inspired paintings, wallpapers and stickers. Naturally, the next step was targeting the adult wallpaper market, after numerous parents asked whether we had anything in store for them. That’s how Muro Pastel was born.

Muro Pastel is a luxury wallpaper brand featuring unique designs and printing methods. If walls could pick their garment, it would be our single-piece wallpaper. Imagine a roll as large as your wall obscuring all imperfections and fully transforming the room, without the inevitable flaws resulting from the use of several smaller rolls. A wallpaper is more than just some material stuck to the wall, a message we understood. Our wallpaper is designed to hug the wall the way tailored clothing does, creating a look that fully harmonizes with your personality. The special texture of the material compliments the details and designs, hand-painted by our artists.

What sets us apart from other manufacturers?

We gathered a group of talented people in love with their creations. Each of our artists creates images underpinned by careful consideration, thoughtfulness and creative drive. When everything seemed said and done in the world of wallpapers, Muro Pastel shows there are still some unattained heights. We are truly proud of our collections Corset or Parma, original creations reflecting the styles and personalities of our artists.

Our Collections

We are truly proud of our collections. Our original creations are reflecting the styles and personalities of our artists.

Muro Collection

If the exterior moves to the interior, that surely applies not only to natural elements, but also to architecture. Nature always finds a way to prevail in what man thinks of as his indestructible creation.

Fauna Collection

Animals in all their shapes, adored and less adored, from insects to whales, they all complete us and help us live. We try not to neglect any of them and hope to bring them into your homes in the most beautiful varieties.

Petal Collection

You will have seen from the name that we are talking about flowers. This aesthetic never ages, it combines gentleness with explosion. Colour, texture, shape, almost a scent if your imagination is rich enough.

Rima Collection

In nature, everything rhymes. Species with each other, day with night, the cold with warmth. You may see them as opposites, but they form the same poem. If there was no white, we could not define black. If we were not sad, we would not fully appreciate joy.

Wallpapers revival in interior decorations

Even if it has always been part of people’s homes, the wallpaper has undergone many challenges along the years. Now, however, we can say with certainty that the wallpaper is experiencing a revival in interior decorations, with designers utilizing it more and more to infuse spaces with life.

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