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Measure the Length and Height of your wall in meters (eg: 1m = 100cm), and enter them in the fields below. Add an extra 10 cm on each side for losses. (If your wall is 2.7 m high and 3.45 m long, you will write 2.8 and 3.55 respectively). The calculation is done on the spot, and the image you have chosen will be customized for your wall. If you have a door or window, please send us an email with all the details and we will find the best solution together.

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Muro Pastel is a luxury wallpaper brand featuring unique designs and printing methods. If walls could pick their garment, it would be our single-piece wallpaper. Imagine a roll as large as your wall obscuring all imperfections and fully transforming the room, without the inevitable flaws resulting from the use of several smaller rolls. A wallpaper is more than just some material stuck to the wall, a message we understood. Our wallpaper is designed to hug the wall the way tailored clothing does, creating a look that fully harmonizes with your personality. The special texture of the material compliments the details and designs, hand-painted by our artists.

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60  /sqm